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Public Engagement

Talks, opinions, and explainers

Talks and discussions
  • December 2022. Presented at NSF project findings for the general public under the title "What Explains the Personal Connections Linking Politicians and Business?", at the Tobias Center for Innovation in International Development Fall Research Symposium .
  • September 2022. Panelist on the "¿Mantengo o bienestar? Una mirada al estado de bienestar en Puerto Rico y el mundo" discussion organized by Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana's Autonomous Statehood Network.
  • November and December 2021. Panelist representing the Institute of European Studies on the ``Trade and Commerce: Cases from Around the World'' workshop webinar.
  • July 2016. Panelist on the "People Before Debt: Resisting Austerity in Hard Times" discussion organized the Puerto Rican Student Association at Purdue University.
Opinion and explainers